About 101 Dates

Dolly Koshy is planning to go on 101 dates with different people. These 101 dates are aimed at LGBTQIA+ sensitization more than for finding a partner. In the process of going on these dates, if Dolly finds a partner, she will be happy. If she doesn’t, she will be ok.

All the 101 dates will be blogged. The identity of the people Dolly goes on a date with can be kept anonymous, if they want.

Who will bear the costs: Looking for offers from LGBT friendly businesses, outlets, and even Individuals to sponsor the date activities. It will be an advertisement for them through the blog.

What will the sponsoring business get out of sponsoring a date activity? The particular blog post of the date you sponsored will be your way of creating a more sensitive society in addition to promoting your business as an LGBT friendly one.  An Individual sponsoring a date, will be coming out to the world as an ally. The blog post will have your branding and a para about your business or yourself.

How will these dates and blog be useful in LGBTIQ+ sensitization? If Dolly goes out on a date with a bisexual person, the focus of that blog would be about bisexuality and whatever the date wants to convey to the public to understand bisexuality better. Trying to go out with people of different gender identity, expression and sexuality.

Through the blog, we want to touch topics on body image, asexuality, disability, polyamory, BDSM etc in addition to the regular LGBTIQ+ topics.

The 6 parts to a date:

  1. Dolly Koshy, the person who is looking for dates,
  2. The person who is willing to go on a date with Dolly.
  3. The activity as part of the date
  4. The business that is sponsoring the date activity
  5. The blog post that is for sensitizing people on LGBTQI+ topics
  6. Marketing the whole thing so that the maximum people are reached.

You can be part of the project:

  • Be a sponsor for one of the dates
  • Be one of the dates (you should be single or in an open relationship). I plan to go on four platonic dates the 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th, for which there is no criteria.
  • Help in finding sponsors or dates
  • Read and share the posts
  • Give ideas to make the blog better vis-à-vis content, aesthetics, design etc
  • Be a part of this project team (pro bono)

Where will the dates be based out of?

Being Bangalore based,  Dolly is starting off with people from Bangalore and with people from other cities as and when she visit the cities.

Few of the date activities:

1. Sing in a karaoke bar.
2. Take offers to try out free martial arts, dance or exercise classes
3. Volunteer together
4. Go out for coffee
5. Have a movie watching marathon at home
6. Have a movie watching marathon in theatre
7. Go fishing
8. Netflix and Chill
9. Go to Mandya the farmer’s organic market.
10. Rent a luxury car from zoom cars and go on a drive
11. Rent a luxury motorbike from Wicked Rides to go on a ride
12. Go on a trek together
13. Go out for breakfast.
14. Play cards or board games.
15. Go for a run.
16. Snuggle in a hammock.
17. Bake together
18. Go Camping
19. Go for a Long Drive
20. Go for a Long Ride
21. Take a walk in the park.
22. Cook together
23. Go for a play
24. Go for a movie
25. Eat takeout by candlelight at home
26. Go out for a candle light dinner
27. Visit a historic site in the area
28. Go out for ice cream or dessert
29. Attend a concert
30. Visit a vineyard
31. Attend a high school or college play.
32. Walk hand-in-hand through brigade road window shopping
33. Go Dancing
34. Go Bowling.
35. Barbecue at home
36. Head to happy hour.
37. Take a yoga class that focuses on relaxing.
38. Attend a poetry reading
39. Play on a playground
40. Visit free- or low-cost museums.
41. Take photos of one another in a scenic location.
42. Go birdwatching.
43. Challenge each other to a video game
44. Pick up a pizza and eat it in the park.
45. Go to the zoo
46. Read aloud to one another from a book or magazine.
47. Have a lunch date
48. Hike the trails at a nature preserve.
49. Window shop at the mall.
50. Hit up a used book sale.
51. Do crosswords or other word puzzles.
52. Attend a carnival
53. Ride bicycles.
54. Play Tennis
55. Go swimming
56. Watch the sunset.
57. Attend an art fair or art show.
58. Browse a flea market.
59. Listen to podcasts.
60. Watch planes take off and land at the airport.
61. Watch Sunrise

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